Thank you all for coming to this web site, over 127,000 people have visited


From the first incarnation 10 years ago this coming may to now. I have held the website near and dear to my heart. This web

site is not only an expression of what I am but of what i stand for and what to become. Bottom line i love people. I want to

touch as many people as possible in a positive way. We can change hearts and minds. One life, One at a time.




I would like to thank DK you gave  the inspiration to start this adventure and I wish you much luck in your new business, web site

There is my design specialist and technical consultant and best friend any one could ask for Oscar. You got the right one baby ahh huh. Site

My Art I love you babe, Our Pictures

And there is the many many people that have submitted stuff though the years and damn I can't go through that list but u know who u are. There is of course Jared with his jokes that are ALWAYS being published on this site. There is dearly departed rob thanks for the memories, but most of all I would like to dedicate this site to Jeff there is only one.  I will miss u "till the end of the road".

And remember to always listen to "free bird"  by Lynard Skynard

"if i leave here tomorrow would u still remember me"

"i must be traveling on now, and this bird u can not change"

"o lord i can't change, i am going a find a free bird  yeah"  

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